Our Team

Maria Cheung
Maria is a Public Health, Policy Professional and the founder of Taboo Health bringing over a decade of experience in government and academia. She is a policy maker in acute care and a public health nerd (MPH) passionate about health communications, health promotion and systems design with the creative sector to advance public discourse and cultivate community healing.

She is endlessly fascinated by the beautiful, awkward and uncomfortable spaces felt in between the black and white.
Angela Poon
With 15 years as an entrepreneur, Angela has experience in managing large sales teams having generated an annual revenue of over $1 million. She is also a stand for giving young women opportunities to gain work experience. Her belief is that when we invest in young women, they thrive and grow while empowering the next generation of future leaders.

She is proud to have trained over 170 young women over the course of her career. Angela’s goal is to fulfill Taboo’s objective to build lasting partnerships with organizations, and collaborating creatively together.
Nate Gerber
Strategic Designer
Nate is a strategic design and enterprise architecture consultant with over 10 years of experience guiding service design and digital innovation initiatives for social impact. His industry background is in digital health platforms and user experience, with a focus on guiding integrations of leadership, platform and product delivery concerns.

Recent clients include the ThinkFresh Group, City of Toronto, LawLignment Professional Corporation, CABHI/Baycrest Hospital, Futurpreneur Canada, Girl Guides of Canada, Voice of Purpose, On the Spot Language and the Tetradian Futures Institute.
Helen Chen
Brand Designer
Helen is a new media artist and graphic designer, currently working on her BFA at Ryerson University. Over the last 3 years, she has worked with numerous organizations to help solve a range of communication + visual design problems, including nonprofit data collection, fashion sustainability, and most recently, with Taboo Health to help define and visualize relationships between the public health sector and fine arts.

Being extensively involved in experiential art + design communities as a creator, she understands the importance of using art as a vehicle to create safe public spaces for difficult, yet necessary conversations.
Audrey-Jessica Piter
Partnerships and Development
AJ holds a Master's degree in Industrial Management, a Master’s degree of International Marketing and Logistic Management, and is currently pursuing a Dietician’s degree. Audrey-Jessica Piter has 16 years of marketing and business management, including 11 years of B2B business in technical areas. Audrey-Jessica PITER is also passionate about nutrition, wellbeing and self development, and wants to contribute to increase awareness of nutritional and behavioural issues.

Through Taboo Health, she envisions helping health experts reach a wider audience so that the public are empowered to take on our collective well-being together.
Rommel Coral
Operations Designer
Rommel is an industrial and systems engineer with a decade of experience in the areas of branding, consulting, retail, marketing, government, healthcare, and technology. He has experience working directly with and managing brand strategists, management consultants, and creative directors in reinventing and pivoting companies to deliver value in their defined category.

As an experienced project manager, he actively seeks to optimize organizational processes and set standards and methodologies that promote efficiencies. He leverages this experience in supporting Taboo Health as an internal consultant to develop and execute on its organizational strategy.

Board of Directors

Dr. Charles-Antoine Barbeau-Meunier

Physician, empathy scholar and digital wellbeing expert from Quebec, with training in media studies (B.A.), sociology (M.A.) and neuroimaging (PhD, ongoing).

Hooley McLaughlin

Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, teaching in Museum Studies Program; Retired Vice President of Science Experience and Chief Science Officer at the Ontario Science Centre