Calling all artists and storytellers!

Have you been looking for someone to co-create with, who shares your values around shining a light on underrepresented groups, topics, or lived experiences through art?

Would you benefit …

… as a storyteller, from gaining access to contacts in the creative industries?

… as a artist or creator, from tapping into contacts in the public health and social good sectors?

In our eyes, you are a Collaborate for Change Storyteller if:

You work in a sector or community that you feel is overlooked, misrepresented, or underrepresented.

You have a lived experience relating to a public or global health issue. This can be personal, or an experience shared with those you care for (partner, family member, or friend) or serve (patient, client). You wish to share this story with the world - but don’t know how.

In our eyes, you are a Collaborate for Change Artist/Creator if:

You paint, sculpt, create music, weave, design, write, code, render, or work in any (and we mean any!) creative medium.

You have a desire to help create artwork that resonates - for, or about someone else’s experience on an underrepresented topic.

Deep down, you know that shining a light on those you serve and care for, can help others feel less alone, better understood and celebrated. You feel that getting the word out in a compelling way has the power to heal, transform futures, and unite.

If you saw yourself in this description, we have an event for you! Collaborate for Change is a matchmaking event, designed to facilitate connections between our network of creators and storytellers.

Curious to know more about the community we are building between creatives and storytellers? Check out our latest blogs on:

Event Structure

Storytellers will be matched with Creatives whose goals and values are aligned, based on our intake forms. Then, matches will have an opportunity to meet on October 31st, 2021 at 2pm EST.

We will also have some team members from previous Collaborate for Change cohorts present what they've been working on at the upcoming matching event.

Important Dates

October 22nd, 11:59pm EST: Intake Form closes
October 23-26th:
Shortlisted storytellers and creatives contacted
October 31st, 2pm EST: Collaborate for Change Matchmaking Event!
November 19th, December 3rd, December 17th:
Project Support Drop-Ins

What happens when a match is made?

Once collaborative teams have been successfully formed, matches can start creating their projects together! Along their journey, teams will have access to bi-weekly drop-ins and 1-on-1 coaching hosted by Taboo Health to provide support. Whether you need to find the courage to tell your story, learn how to project manage, or advise on reaching out to industry partners - we've got your back!

We want to ensure your success in this creative endeavor. To do that, we ask that you keep us informed! If you let us know about a match you have made before November 5th via EMAIL, we will put your name in the (proverbial) hat to win a FREE 1-on-1 coaching session.

When your project is complete, it will have a home on our future website gallery at You will additionally be promoted on our social media, and given an opportunity to present their project to our audience in a Zoom webinar format. Proposing alternative presentation formats beyond this scope is also encouraged!

Still not sure how this program might unfold? Here’s an example from a Storyteller perspective!

Ali is a healthcare professional working in critical care who wants to communicate to the public about better end-of-life care possibilities in Canada. He knows he would like to make a documentary film about the topic, but not much more beyond that.

After filling out our intake form, we would match him with 3 artists of similar interests or expertise.

During our event,  Ali would meet with these three creatives sequentially.

Afterwards, it’s up to Ali to reach out to one (or more) of them to start working on a project together, if he feels an alignment!

If, after initial discussions with the chosen artist(s), he feels like he won't have a lot of time to spend on the project or is not sure how to get his project funded, he could reach out to Taboo Health for us to fulfill a project management role, and/or for support with seeking funding specific to the project.

Any additional questions can be directed to Please include 'Collaborate for Change' in your email title. We're excited to receive your submissions!

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Who do you define as a storyteller, vs. an artist?

A storyteller is anyone with a lived experience or knowledge on a topic they think is misrepresented or underrepresented in popular culture, and wishes to bring more awareness to it through partnering with an expert (the storyteller) to produce a meaningful work of art.

An artist is someone who possesses creative production abilities in any medium (full list can be found in our Intake Form), but are looking for a meaningful story to build around.

Still need more clarity on the storyteller role? Take a look at our Journey to Storyteller PDF to find some guiding questions to help you get started!

Journey to Storyteller PDF
What if I’m an artist, who wants to be a storyteller instead? And Vice versa?

We are certainly open to that! Feel free to fill in whichever form you feel best fits your interests in the scope of Collaborate for Change.

Keep in mind that in a Storyteller role, you will be giving up more of the creative production brainstorming to the Artist you will be matched with, in their medium - though there's always opportunities, in discussions with your partner, to feature parts of your craft through a Storyteller lens.

As an Artist: Do I need a portfolio to apply?

Yes. All artists must have a portfolio to apply. Unfortunately, without a portfolio we are unable to consider you for matching.

What types of stories are you interested in?

Because the nature of underrepresented narratives means that we don’t know them until they come to light, we are open to stories from any background or context: so long as it's underrepresented in mainstream culture and touches on a public health or global health issue!

Here are some examples of art + research projects we’ve hosted, been a part of, or feel fit the criteria:
Blending research and art to explore experiences of palliative careGiant Boob Pops up in London to make a Big Statement about BreastfeedingFacilitating Healing in Public Space with Taboo Health

Is this tied to Taboo's annual Dying. Festival? Do I have to pitch a Dying. Based topic?

Nope! This matchmaking program is separate from Dying. Festival programming.