Let's Make Healing Trend.
Storytelling is powerful.
Learning together matters.
Dialogue is necessary.

What is Taboo Health?

We are a collective of health policy makers, strategists, designers, artists, and most importantly, health storytellers.

We bridge the worlds of the health and social good sector with the creative industry, to produce transformative experiences that heal, unite and transform futures. We Make Healing Trend.

We are a Platform, a Community and a Creative Consultancy, bridging the worlds of public health and social good industries with the creative sector.
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Public art and culture brings people together from all walks of life. It is an accessible way to approach challenging topics.

Public Health problems are complex, can be embarrassing, shameful or even taboo, keeping us isolated and apart.

It proceeds to open tough discussions in a proactive and thought-provoking way.

We believe that the creative community is uniquely skilled at communicating new perspectives, and that these possibilities are profound and worth cultivating.

Our Vision

To be a global leader in transformative storytelling, where creative expression, experience design and intentional contribution drives a proactively learning culture, system, and sustainable development.

Our Mission

To destigmatize and celebrate our humanity, by activating cultural engagement and public health innovation that heal, unite, and transform futures.

Image: Dying. 2020 Festival / Sculpture by Elyse-Krista Mische
Our Story

Articles, Features, and Publications

Exhibit image by Ellen Snowball
Death Gets A Redesign at DesignTO 2019
Background exhibit image by HollyJo
Using A Public Event Series As A Research Tool to Open Communication on Death and Dying
Exhibit by Karen Oikonen + Kate Wilkes

Our Media Partners

Our Core Services

Services for the Creative Sector

We offer curation services specializing in public health and sensitive health issues, using knowledge mobilization (from research-to-public) and participatory engagement.

We train creatives of all disciplines on how to collaborate with health story-tellers, to create a transformative experience when telling complex and sensitive health stories.

Services for the Health and Social Good Sector

We offer PR consultation for institutions on creating health promotion engagement experiences that are equitable, inclusive, informative and transformative.

We train health story-tellers: researchers, health & social service providers, those with lived experience, policy-makers, etc., on our knowledge mobilization and participatory methods of story-telling.

The Online Marketplace

We offer matching services for institutions looking for a creative story-telling team skilled at creating equitable, participatory engagement.

We offer matching services between health story-tellers and creatives on creative presentation opportunities for sensitive health topics.

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Current Programming: Dying. Festival

​We are all going to die, so why not talk about it? ‘Dying.’ an event series, explores death through the lens of design and art, running during the DesignTO Festival.

Bringing together perspectives from families, caregivers, clinicians, and research to spark public conversation through community creation and interactive experiences. The series invites us to think about our relationship with death and dying as an individual, a member of a family, social network and as a human being in society. Let’s get comfortable with the uncomfortable and start talking about what truly matters.  

Dying. is returning to DesignTO for its 4th year in January 2023- Subscribe to our newsletter and visit the official Dying. Festival website to stay updated!

Background Image: Dying. 2020 Festival

Dying. Festival Website
4 years and counting
5000+ attendees
29 artists
26 speakers + workshops

If You Are:

· A researcher or student
· An artist, designer, performer, or creative
· A public health professional or service provider
· Someone with lived experience of sensitive health and wellbeing issues
· A leader of a health or social good institution looking to reach new audiences
· Someone with a deep interest in overcoming systematic barriers to care and wellness

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